Message from Honorary Amir Aman (Dr.)

Message from Honorary Amir Aman (Dr.)

Former Minister of Health

The government is working to solve the problems of the country on the base of prevention strategies.

Accordingly, the first development and transformation plan has executed successfully and it has been one year since the second development and transformation plan is started. Accordingly, for the successes of our plan to be among the medium income countries by 2025 and to successes the development plan, it has been paying a great effort for the productivity of young and productive citizen in addition to successes of the plan.

In these activities, we appreciate the Children’s heart Fund of Ethiopia for its effort and our ministry also stand beside this organization for the successes of the plan and will continue the support in the future.

I hereby would like to express my gratitude to the administration workers, employees, fund raisers in the name of the people of Ethiopia for the realization of Ethiopia Cardiac Surgery and intervention team and herewith call for your support to this organization in the future.