Who We Are Old

The children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia (CHFE) has established in 1989 GC as a non-governmental, nonprofit making humanitarian organization committed to help children’s with heart disease. From its establishment it has set out clearly defined immediate, intermediate and long term objectives. In its immediate and intermediate objectives CHFE could manage to operate for about 5,600 patients both in abroad and locally invited medical missions. CHFE has believes that in the first two objectives remarkable jobs has been done.

Since 2009 CHFE has shifted its attention to embark up on its long term objectives i.e. to establish a sustainable cardiac center and launch different programmed to realize these objectives.

CHFE could manage to build a state of art technology cardiac hospital which has been inaugurated on February 2009 found in black lion hospital compound in collaboration of Chain of Hope UK & Addis Ababa University. Since the first day of its operation we could render our service for about 4,800 patientsfor free of charges. Considering the lowest possible charge for this service in international arena the service we have given worth more than 70,000,000 USD.